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Zagreb Airport Taxi Transfer - Taxi Zagreb Transfer from Zagreb Airport (PLESO) to Lachtal




"Transfer service" is company for taxi services, passenger transport. We offer airport transfers, taxi service, acceptance of passengers at airport terminals, railway stations, bus stations, etc. .. Many years of experience guarantee the quality and level of transportation service you need. Read more about us taking a look at our pages that you can access by clicking the link above. Also for any information and offers please contact us via the online form, directly to our e-mail or by telephone. Among our many clients there are famous international companies, and also you can impress your business partners with our service VIP transportation service and service Airport Zagreb Taxi .

About destination: Lachtal


This small resort, situated in the province of Styria, is known among our skiers to fully organize their own weekly skiing and recently included in the offer of some local travel agencies. On the map you will find Lachtal near Muraua and a few kilometers away from the ski Kreischberg and Grebenzen - St. Lambrecht. For arrival from Zagreb to have more available routes, which differ in the quality of roads, and therefore the number of paid tolls. If you start from Rijeka route takes you through Ljubljana, Karavanke and Klangenfurta to Murauu and Judenburg. In either case you will have to drive 300 kilometers injak.The place is located at the foot of ski slopes to 1,600 meters above sea level, while the peak located at 2222 m asl. 2 black (2 km), 8 red (20 km) and 7 blue (11 km) consists of 33 kilometers of trails that are governing the day, while the critical points are cannons for artificial snow. For cross-country skiing is regulated by another 6 km of trails, while deep snow lovers have at their disposal three "paths" that descend from the top to the center, ski slopes or foothills. Due to the length of the trail is not recommended to inexperienced skiers to engage in this adventure. For beginners and children is provided in the bottom part of the walled resorts where there is a ski tow bar and a small lift so similar. saucers. In this part of the set of elements and a few practice turns. Snowboarder and "freestyle" skiers can enjoy themselves in the snow park at 2 kickers, 2 rail and a cornerjump but, unfortunately, for now, no half-pipea.Skijalište is "equipped" with five lifts and a six-seater. From the lift there are four very long and tiring, and a short anchor plates. Lift recently built and has a heated seat and a protective dome of wind and snow. Prices of ski passes is equal throughout the season and day ticket will cost 29 Euros (16 for children), while the 6-day ticket 135 euros (70 euros for children) - all prices valid in relation to season 2007/08. Although it is near several other ski resorts there is no option to purchase maps that cover several ski resorts. Maps of the proximity type for which you have to leave the 3 Euro return after use. If you book through our agency there is some possibility to get an additional discount on the price of ski passes. Lachtal is a pretty small place and you will find entertainment in the only disco-bar that's there, Hannes. Although in January, when Austria was not in high season, there are tourists, they are mostly families with children because, although every night to schedule a thematic program, the attendance was small. Since the last time Styrian ski resorts, including Lachtal, more visiting Hungarians, and the younger population, as noted by bilingual signs and warnings, we believe that at the time of their holidays much more vibrant place. If you able to provide, in a nearby national park you can visit Grebenzen Vivarium, pool complex and the aquarium with a variety of animals and fish from the area around the Amazon River. On weekends the resort organizes various events such as contests, testing skis or themed parties.


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Zagreb Airport Pleso ( ZAG )

Zagreb Airport (IATA: ZAG, ICAO: LDZA), also known as Pleso Airport (pronounced PLESO) after the nearby suburb of Pleso, is the main international airport ofCroatia and also a Croatian Air Force and Defense major fighter jet base. Located 16 km from the central railway station in Zagreb, it served 2,071,561 passengers in 2010 and is the primary hub for Croatian flag carrier Croatia Airlines. Expansion of the airport is due to start in 2012.

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Zagreb Mini Van or Mini Bus Taxi Service - if you travel to Lachtal with a lot of luggage, or more people than a regular taxi can transport, you can select a mini van or a mini bus to take you   Lachtal. Our mini vans and mini buses are very comfortable, air conditioned and suitable for larger groups or families. Children travel in a child seat and count as an adult.
Zagreb Airport Taxi Transfer is the safest way of transportation from Zagreb Airport to Lachtal

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Taxi Transfers Croatia

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