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Airport Taxi Zagreb (ZAG)-Taxi Transfer from Zagreb Airport (PLESO) to City of Bakar




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About destination: City Bakar


Bakar is situated on a hill amphitheater-like dominating the other part of the Bay of Bakar. The historic nucleus of the town is registered in 1968 as a monument of culture. In the ground-plan distincly are differentiated two agglomerations, first of them situated higher, named "Grad" and there is the Castle, the first known building. In the year 1530 it formed the beginning of the settlement nearer to sea, with protective walls, which were destroyed in the 18th and 19th century he lower settlement is formed from two parts "Zagrad" and "Primorje", near to the coast, developed later, having middle-class inhabitants.It was built in the time of the mercantile and sea traffic prosperity of Bakar. The character of both agglomerations is of the mediterranean type with winding, narrow, steep and stair-like streets, picturesque views, discontinous perspectives and attractive small squares

A number of significant public buildings of a monumental character are present in the town; hospice from the year 1526, parrish-house from 1514, bishopshouse with the old coat of arms from 1499 on the front, parrish church St.Andrews, from 1830 (constructed on the site of an old church), church St.Margaret in the port, from 1668, constructed by order of Peter Zrinski, church St.Cross in the town and church St.Mary from the 16th century. Further, numerous baroque palaces owned by wealthy patrician families ("roman house" from the 18th cen tury, Palace Pettazi, Palace Batagliarini...). Some archeological findings are giving evidence of existence of a human settlement there in prehistoric time, then in the time of the Roman empire Volcera antic settlement being known there. The most prosperous time in the development of Bakar is feudal era (1225-1671). In the 13th century Bakar existed as a part of Vinodol parrish. By donation of Andreas II in the year 1225 Vinodol and Bakar appartained to the Dukes of Krk, Frankopans, after a short change of ownership in 15th century again owned by Frankopans and from 1550-1670 propriety of the family Zrinski, i.e. till the execution of Petar Zrinski and Fran Krsto Frankopan in Vienna. Bakar is a centre of communication in the Vinodol parrish with strategic, mercantile, naval, and shipyard function and with vineyard and fishing resources. After the year 1670 Habsburgs governed Bakar and the town had the administration of Captains.Those times began with robbery and desorganisation in economy, but soon the Captains became notable by administration of the whole Vinodol area, extending the competence of imperial vicarage to the inner part of Croatia till the castle of Ozalj. ,By imperial decree of Mary Therese in 1778 Bakar is proclaimed a free king's town with the free port. This is the time of a broad development of sea traffic in Bakar and in connection with this of a greater building activity. In Bakar was in 1849 founded a nautic school, 1875 a Croatian shipping society. The traffic abbandoned to a great extent the Bakar port after the completion of the railroad Karlovac-Rijeka, making Rijeka port active. The 20th century begins with the industrialization of the Bay of Bakar and his surroundings which resulted in devastation of natural quality there and in a change of the way of life in Bakar.

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Zagreb Airport Pleso ( ZAG )

Zagreb Airport (IATA: ZAG, ICAO: LDZA), also known as Pleso Airport (pronounced PLESO) after the nearby suburb of Pleso, is the main international airport ofCroatia and also a Croatian Air Force and Defense major fighter jet base. Located 16 km from the central railway station in Zagreb, it served 2,071,561 passengers in 2010 and is the primary hub for Croatian flag carrier Croatia Airlines. Expansion of the airport is due to start in 2012.

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