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Tel: +385.51.335.138
Mob: +385.91.500.33.55

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How do I make sure I packed my bag correctly?

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"Croatia Airport Transfer Service" group is a Croatian company for taxi service, passengers. We can transport to / from the Airport Zagreb, pick up passengers at airport terminals, railway, bus stations, etc. .. Many years of experience guarantee the quality and level of transportation service you need. Read more about us, look at our pages that you access by clicking the link above. Also for any information and offers please contact us via the online form, directly to your e-mail or telephone. Among our many clients are famous international companies, you can also be one of them and impress your business partners with our VIP transportation.
  There are different types of services and vehicles, so that we can offer Low Cost Zagreb airport taxi transfers, Zagreb Airport Mini Bus Transfer, and our limousines that are intended for VIP Zagreb Airport Transfer.

Q: How do I make sure I packed my bag correctly?


A:Make sure your baggage is not overweight. Check before flying as baggage weight allowances vary by airline but as a general rule if you can't lift your bag, it is likely airline staff won't be able to either.

-       Please use something to identify your bag; a lot of luggage looks the same, if not identical. Ideally use an individualised strap rather than tying a cloth to the handle as this obscures the baggage label.

-       Please pack your bag uniformly. Heavy and dense objects can cause the bag to move as well as delays at security.

-       Please remove any labels and tags from previous flights.

-       Please place a luggage label on one handle of your bag.

-       Does your bag have wheels? Please lock them, if possible, to prevent movement after check-in.

-       Does your travel insurance cover the cost of replacing the contents of your bag and the bag itself?Have you listed the contents of your bag in case you need to make an insurance claim?

-       Is your bag over-packed? Please use another bag if this one was hard to close.

-       If you have straps on your bag please remove them and place them in your bag.


Please do not lock your bag as it may need to be searched.

Taxi Transfers Croatia

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