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Instrument in Airplane

Instruments provide information to the pilot and the co-pilot. Flight instruments provide information about the aircraft's speed, direction, altitude, and orientation. Powerplant instruments provide information about the status of the aircraft's engines and APU. Systems instruments provide information about the aircraft's other systems, such as fuel delivery, electrical, and pressurisation. Navigation and communication instruments include all the aircraft's radios. Instruments may operate mechanically or electrically, requiring 12VDC, 24VDC, or 400 Hz power systems.An aircraft that uses computerised CRT or LCD displays almost exclusively is said to have a glass cockpit.

Six basic flight instruments

The Six Basic instruments (sometimes referred to as the six pack) include:

    * An Airspeed Indicator, which indicates the speed at which the aircraft is moving through the surrounding air.

    * An Altimeter, which indicates the altitude or height of the aircraft above mean sea level.

    * A Heading indicator, (sometimes referred to as a "directional gyro (DG)"), which indicates the magnetic compass heading that the aircraft's fuselage is pointing towards. The actual direction the aircraft is flying towards is affected by the wind conditions.

    * An Attitude indicator, sometimes called an artificial horizon, which indicates the exact orientation of the aircraft about its pitch and roll axes.

    * A Vertical Speed Indicator, which shows the rate at which the aircraft is climbing or descending.

    * A Turn Coordinator, or Turn and Bank Indicator which helps the pilot maintain the aircraft in a coordinated attitude while turning.

Other Instruments might include:

    * A 2-Way Radio to enable communications with other aircraft and Air Traffic Control. Aircraft before World War II may not have been equipped with a radio but they are nearly essential now.

    * A horizontal situation indicator, shows the position and movement of the aircraft as seen from above with respect to the ground, including course/heading and other information.

    * Instruments showing the status of each engine in the aircraft (operating speed, thrust, temperature, rpms, and other variables).

    * Combined display systems such as primary flight displays or navigation displays.

    * Information displays such as on-board weather radar displays.

    * A Radio Direction Finder which indicates the direction to one or more radio beacons and which can be used to determine the aircraft's position.

    * A Global Positioning System which works the same as the previous instrument, but communicates with a variety of satellites automatically to provide an accurate position.

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