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  "Transfer service" is company for taxi services, passenger transport. We offer airport transfers, taxi service, acceptance of passengers at airport terminals, railway stations, bus stations, etc. .. Many years of experience guarantee the quality and level of transportation service you need. Read more about us taking a look at our pages that you can access by clicking the link above. Also for any information and offers please contact us via the online form, directly to our e-mail or by telephone. Among our many clients there are famous international companies, and also you can impress your business partners with our service VIP transportation service and service Airport Zagreb Taxi .

Industry in City of Rijeka

3. Maj (official name: Treći Maj Brodogradilište d.d.; "Third May Shipyard") is a shipyard in Croatia, located in the city of Rijeka. It builds mainly oil tankers, bulk cargo ships, and container ships. It also sometimes builds smaller passenger ferries or yachts. It employs approximately 2,850 workers.

The first docks were erected in 1892 as an affiliate to the German Howaldtswerke from Kiel. After their rent expired in 1902, it had low activity until 1905 when three businessmen from Budapest resumed the operation, now under the name Danubius, renamed in 1911 to Ganz&co Danubius. The activity grew throughout the 1910s. In 1920 it passed to Italian possession, and the name was changed once again, to Cantieri Navali del Quarnaro.

During World War II, the shipyard was utterly destroyed, and had to be completely rebuilt. After the war it went under the name Kvarnersko Brodogradilište, and was later named 3. Maj or 3 May, in memory of 3 May 1945 when Rijeka was freed from Axis occupation. 3. Maj grew during the whole post-war period in Yugoslavia to become one of the largest shipyards on the Mediterranean. Before the Yugoslav wars it would employ 4,500 workers at full capacity, but it underwent an economic crisis during the war in Croatia and has still to fully recover.

Why is the Airport Taxi Zagreb Transfer Service from Zagreb Airport to Rijeka Shipyard the best way of transportation ?


A reliable 24/7 Airport Zagreb Taxi Transfer service will take You to Rijeka Shipyard in a safe and comfortable way.
We offer a fast, reliable and secure taxi service, excellent rates. Our taxi drivers speak English and will be happy to help you in any way they can. If you need transportation while you are in Rijeka Shipyard please contact us.

Zagre Airport Taxi Transfer Service - We will pick you up and drop you off at Zagreb Airport , your taxi will be waiting in a case of delay without any additional costs.
Once you reach Rijeka Shipyard in a modern, air conditioned taxi vehicle, you will feel much better than spending hours in a public bus.
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Zagreb Mini Van or Mini Bus Taxi Service - if you travel to Rijeka Shipyard with a lot of luggage, or more people than a regular taxi can transport, you can select a mini van or a mini bus to take you Rijeka Shipyard. Our mini vans and mini buses are very comfortable, air conditioned and suitable for larger groups or families. Children travel in a child seat and count as an adult.

Zagreb Airport Taxi Transfer is the safest way of transportation from Zagreb Airport to Rijeka Shipyard.
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This way You will get the best taxi service available.

Taxi Transfers Croatia

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